Glover's Deep Steam Pleasanton carpet cleaning hiistory
Carpet Cleaner in Pleasanton shares deep steam carpet cleaning history
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Deep steam carpet cleaning history as told by Glovers Deep Steam carpet cleaner in Pleasanton, “the originator”

Best Carpet cleaner Pleasanton Weekly Reader's Choice Awards

Pleasanton carpet cleaner of choicePleasanton Weekly Readers’ Choice Hall of Fame

Glover’s Deep Steam Carpet Cleaner in Pleasanton has won the Pleasanton Weekly Readers’ Choice award for the past years. This year, Glover’s Deep Steam Carpet Cleaner is one of the 24 honorees that has been inducted into the Pleasanton Weekly Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame status is to recognize businesses that were voted the best in five or more consecutive years in their category. This is to recognize their longtime success and consistent customer service.

Deep Steam

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Watch John Glover shares his story about why Glovers Deep Steam is different than other carpet cleaning companies.

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