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Watch John Glover shares his story about why Glovers Deep Steam carpet cleaner in Pleasanton is different than other carpet cleaning companies.

About Glover’s Deep Steam carpet cleaner in Pleasanton

John Glovers carpet cleaner in Pleasanton family photoIt’s not just about carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning story….In 1959 was the start of many chain of events. Not only would my father start his own company 1959, he would soon learn that his first daughter Kim would be coming to this world in the early months of 1960. What a way to motivate you to work until the sun went down. And that’s just what he did. The young 30 year old would go door to door all day until he had enough work for the next day. He would do this for the next 9 months, going door to door until he had gotten the word out there, for people to call him to come clean their carpets.

It was a good thing business was taking off. For his daughter would soon have a little sister Kathy in the summer of 1962. Two little girls at the age of 32 and running his own business. Wow! I’m not sure if this is how he developed his “work all day, don’t stop” attitude, but it probably helped a little. I think more of his hard working ability came when he was younger.

His parents moved a lot. Starting with Omaha, Nebraska, (where he was born) and in that course he would go to 4 different high schools before he graduated in 1947 from Mission High School in California.(brutal) He would work part time while going to high school, at O’Connor Rug Cleaners in San Francisco. He worked there until 1951, when he would depart overseas to Korea in the 2nd Division. After coming back from the Army, he went to work for Safeway, only to find that his heart was in carpet cleaning. He went back to work again for O’Connor’s Rug Cleaning, until he went to work for himself in 1959.

The Glover Family grew some more in the first month of 1967, with a boy Steven. The first Glover Son would soon be followed by the second son John, in June of 1969. Some how my father made us all a part of the business. Whether we worked on the truck or worked in the office, we all learned to work together and do our part in helping our dad & mom.

For 50 years my father has help shape the carpet cleaning industry, by being the first to do Deep Steam carpet cleaning, in the Bay Area. To bring what his customer’s expect in cleaning their carpet & furniture, and giving them comfort by being honest. All while raising his family. I know he couldn’t have done all this without the help of mom. Every good husband has a wonderful wife that is his back bone. With 26 grandchildren & 5 great grandchildren, they find they’re more busy than ever, and they’re hearts and soul are of family. Thank you Dad & Mom.

Glovers Family 2016-bNow, as I step in where my father left off, I will bring my 30 years of experience working with my dad to the table. I will do as he has done and bring my young family closer together, by working together. I have a ways to go, my oldest, Stefan is only 15 years old, and then my daughter, Alaysia is 11, followed by sons Luke, 8 and Blake, 7 and  LJ 4 years old, and Brody 3 years. I too have found my back bone, my beautiful, wonderful wife Carissa. She is my strength within me. So, as for me, it has always been and will always be family.

John Glover

Owner/Operator of Glover’s Deep Steam carpet cleaner in Pleasanton


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